How To Use #Evernote to Learn English

As promised in my previous post on how I use Evernote, here is how you can use Evernote to learn and improve your English

How You Can Use Evernote To Learn English

  1. Create a new notebook and call it "English"
  2. When you come across a new word or phrase save it or email it to your Evernote account. Make sure that you use the Notebook "English" for storing the phrase or word.
  3. Tag the word or phrase with the appropriate tag. For example, if your word or phrase relates to English used in a restaurant tag the phrase "Restaurant English". Likewise, if the word or phrase relates to English you may use in an airport, then tag it as "Airport English"
  4. While you are out and about, if you see a sign in English you do not know the meaning of, you can take a picture of it, send it to your Evernote account and ask a friend or teacher what it means next time you see them. You can tag these pictures "To find out" or something like that.

If you make this a habit, and review your words and phrases when you have a spare few minutes, it will not be long before you really start building your vocabulary with words and phrases that are useful to you.

The beauty of using Evernote for your note taking needs is that you very quickly build up your very own digital reference library. Because all the material you place in Evernote is of your own choice, this library really does become a goldmine of information that is unique to you.

I strongly recommend that you download the Evernote application for all your digital devices. That means for your phone, tablet and computers. That way you have you reference library with you everywhere you go. I also recommend that you get in the habit of making sure everything is tagged appropriately. With tagging comes easy searching. If you do not tag, then it becomes more difficult to find what you want, when you want it.