Reasons A Good Resume Design Helps You To Get A Job

The design of your resume is one of the most important factors when you send your resume to a prospective employer. A badly designed resume does not inspire the reader to want to read it. With a badly designed resume, the recruiter has a quick look at your education background and makes a judgment about you based only on your qualifications. That's fine if you went to a prestigious university or high school, but for the vast majoritiy of people that did not happen. You put yourself at an immediate disadvantage and your real skills and abilities are ignored or missed. 

Creating a beautifully designed resume helps you stand out in a crowded field, it shows you care about your abilities and skills and has the recruiter wanting to read your resume. A well designed resume puts you and your skills and abilities up front and leads to an interview. A badly designed resume often leads to the trash can. When so many people are applying for the same job, everything you can do that helps you stand out from the crowd gives you an advantage, and having just a small advantage is often enough to get you face to face with the recruiter and that is how you get the job you deserve. 

Here are some tips for designing your resume:

  • Restrict the number of pages to two - more than two and the recruiter is not going to read it. 
  • Never use Microsoft Word (or Apple Pages) resume templates - everyone else is doing that.
  • Use a little colour - for titles and headlines. 
  • Try to tell stories about what you did rather than using lists.
  • Don't write out too many lists - they are really boring
  • Use at least a 2cm margin both left and right.

Finally, if you really do not have any designing ability, you can make full use of a service such as my service for designing your resume. It is a small cost (€100.00) for the best job for your abilities.