Checking Email Quick Tip [TODOIST + GMAIL]

I know many GTD fans out there love to practice Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero methodology so here’s a quick tip to use a recurring daily task to remind you to check your “Action” folder.

I will take my company gmail account and show you how I manage my most important email tasks. 

I have created a "label" called “Action This Day”  (a term I stole from Winston Churchill who used to stick red labels with “Action This Day" on memos and letters to his generals and ministers when he wanted something done that day) and into this ‘label’ I put any emails I need to act on that day. 

First, create a new label in your email app and call it something like “Action” or even take Winston Churchill’s name for it and call it “Action This Day” - it has a stronger sense of urgency to it - 

Then all you need to do is create a daily recurring task in Todoist (type “ev day” in the date field) and call it “Check “Action This Day” folder”. Finally copy the URL address to your “Action” label and paste it into the notes field of Todoist.

Now, all you need to do is click on the link in Todoist to check this most important folder every day.