The 2018 Time And Life Mastery Workbook Is Here!

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It’s the time of year for all productive people (and non-productive people too) to start thinking about what they want to achieve in 2018. And as this year has been a very productive year for me. It is going to be very hard to beat that in 2018. I hope you too find yourself with the same dilemma.

Over the many yearsI have been following productivity, I have always started my planning and thinking in late October/November for the following year. This year, I decided I wanted to help other people create a fantastic year for themselves, so I created a course specifically for that purpose. The Time And Life Mastery course does just that and over 150 students have taken that course and they now have the skills and know-how to achieve incredible success in their lives. 

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But I want to help more people. So, I have created the Time And Life Mastery Workbook. This downloadable PDF file has been beautifully designed to not only guide you through the process of creating a life for yourself that leads you towards the success you desire but does so in a logical and sequential order. 

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This Workbook contains full explanations on what you are doing, and why you are doing it and is full of tips and tricks you can use to take control of your time and your life. There is plenty of space to write/type in your plans and ideas as well as begin discovering exactly what it is that motivates you. 

I have published the workbook in the course, so for all you who have enrolled in the Time And Life Mastery course, you can download your free copy from the last lecture resource page. 

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For those who have not enrolled in the course, but would like to get a copy of the workbook, you can buy a copy right here, or you can enrol in the Time And Life Mastery Course and get a copy of the workbook for free. 

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It just remains for me to wish you all a fantastic planning season and whether or not you buy the workbook or do the course, I want you to know I am always here to answer your questions and guide you on your way. 

Thank you for your wonderful support in 2017. Good luck.