Everything you need to know to get your Apple devices working for you.

If you are in the Apple ecosystem, you have access to a number of fantastic productivity apps, that work seamlessly together and can help turn you into a productivity genius.

If you are worried about the long-term future of third-party productivity apps or are not prepared to pay subscriptions every month, then using the built-in apps that come free with all Apple devices could be the best way for you to build a robust and safe productivity system.

How do you turn Apple’s productivity apps into a fantastic productivity system?

In this updated course for 2018 (iOS12 and Mac OS Mojave) with over 15 new classes, I show you how you can use Reminders, Notes and Calendar to build your very own productivity system so you get your work done on time, are at the right place when you need to be and carry all the documents and files you need in your Apple device. And with built-in Siri support as well as the new Shortcuts you have the resources and tools to become a productivity ninja!

This course takes you through the steps to build your own COD system (Collect, Organise & Do) and shows you how you can use it on a day to day basis so you can become better organised and more productive.

Once you have your system built, you will be able to find time to do the things you love doing with the people you love being around. That's what great productivity gives you.

So if you are in the Apple ecosystem, come and join me and learn how to use these amazing apps.

Early Bird Discount opens on Sunday 30th September.

What's included:

  • Why Apple’s Apps?

  • What a system needs.

  • Introduction to COD (Collect, Organise & Do)

  • The basics of Calendar setup.

  • Setting up your calendars.

  • Subscribing to national holidays.

  • Calendar summary.

  • Notes introduction.

  • Setting up folders.

  • Searching Notes.

  • Adding stuff to Notes.

  • Notes Review.

  • Introduction to reminders.

  • Setting up lists in Reminders.

  • Reminders’ settings.

  • Notes and Reminders working together.

  • Routines list.

  • Reminders review.

  • Introduction to iCloud.

  • A look at iCloud Drive.

  • Files on iPad.

  • Using Siri to collect your stuff

  • Siri Shortcuts (coming Early November with links to the created shortcuts)

  • The Weekly Review

  • The Golden 10

  • System review.


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You can buy this course as part of the Super 8 Bundle. A great way to get all course’s annual updates without any further cost to you.

With this course, you will learn everything you need to get your Apple devices working for you and to be able to enjoy less stress and more time spent doing the thing you love doing.