Download any of these free resources.


PACT Wallpapers for iPhone / iPhone Plus, 13 inch & 27 inch computers

All the PACT wallpapers you need right here in one folder.

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InBox Zero 2.0 PDF File

You can download my InBox Zero 2.0 quick start sheet right here.

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The 2017 Planning Template.

Download the simple planning template I use every year to plan what things I want to achieve and do in the coming year. 

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My current Resume

Download a copy of my current resume

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How to get a job in English

A handout from a lecture I do helping job seekers understand what is required to get a job where being able to communicate in English is a necessary qualification. 

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Working In English Brochure

My Working in English brochure detailing the contents of the course and some sample slides and pages from the workbook.

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10 English tips to learning English as an adult.

an 80+ page booklet on how you can improve your English as a full-time working professional with no time to study English.

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FES Brochure

Download my company's brochure here. It contain all the information you need to see what we do. (한국어)

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Word of The Day

Each week we publish a list of 7 words or expressions you can use to improve your English vocabulary. These words and expressions are taken from current news articles, TV shows and films.

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