Email Autoreply Template

Many of my students use the autoreply function in their email for when they are out of the office. Sadly, many of these autoreply messages are poorly written and often do not make any sense at all.

Therefore, to help all my students and readers of my blog, I have attached a simple text file to this post that you can copy and paste as your autoreply that should cover you in all circustances.

Word of Warning About Autoreplies

When you activate the autoreply on your email programme, you have no control over who receives your autoreply.

When you are replying to email in the usual way, you get to decide who you are replying to and whether it is safe to reply to a particular email. However, with autoreply, anyone who sends you an email gets the autoreply. That means people who you do not want knowing your telephone number and other details such as your office address, will also receive your autoreply. It is therefore important to only have the basic information in your autoreply.

Never put your mobile telephone number in an autoreply. Instead, put a colleague’s office number and or email address.

Download Autoreply template