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The online course that will take you on a journey to building your very own productivity system using the Your Digital Life 2.0 framework. 

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Why you need Your Digital Life 2.0 Online

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We live in a world of great change. Not just politically and environmentally, but also in the way we work and in the way we play. Being able to stay on top of everything is becoming harder and the need for a system that allows us to maintain our focus on what is important, to be able to keep moving forward on our goals, and keep on top of our ever increasing workloads is vital. The good news is the technology we all carry with us every day has the power to do just that.

The Your Digital Life Online course will show you how to build a productivity system that focuses on what is important to you. It will put your goals front and centre of your day and make sure you are doing the work that matters, relegating the work that needs doing but has no meaningful effect on your career or life, to the background. 

When you complete this course you will have all the know-how and skills you need to create a system that works for you, that puts you in control of your work and your life and will remove the harmful stress from your life. 

If you want more time to do the things you want to do, rather than doing the things other people want you to do, then get yourself enrolled in this course. It is time to take control of your life and become better organised and productive. 

Who is it for?

Back in 2015 when I began writing the original Your Digital Life book, I wanted to help people who were not very comfortable with the rapidly changing technology to learn how to use that technology to become better organised and more productive. That is still my goal today; to help you, no matter what level of ability you have with the latest technology, to become comfortable with this new, digital world we live in.

Last year when I updated the book to version 2, I updated the framework so it would be easier to create a robust and effective personal productivity system. Now the framework is as close to perfect as it can be. 

What you get:

  • 23 online lessons

  • Free access to my Supercharge Your Email online course

  • Free access to my How to Create And Achieve Your Goals online course.

  • Copy of Your Digital Life 2.0 book

  • Lifetime access to the course

  • Downloadable PDF course file containing all the coupon codes

  • 50% discount for my Complete Guide To Creating A Successful Life


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  • Introduction and what you will learn

  • Introduction - One platform for all

  • Introduction - Take the time to learn your tools.

Part 1 - The Tools You Need

  • You only need four tools

  • Your Calendar

  • Your calendar - Pro tip

  • Your to-do list manager

  • Your Notes

  • Your cloud storage

Part 2 - The System

  • The overview

  • Collecting

  • Organising

  • Doing

Part 3 - Putting It Together

  • Using Your to-do list manager

  • Routines

  • Projects

  • Areas of focus

  • Goals

  • Someday | Maybe

  • Groceries/hardware lists

Part 4 - Inbox Zero 2.0

  • You only need three folders

  • How it works

Part 5 - The Reviews

Part 6 - Putting It All Together

  • Preparing for the day

  • Making it a habit

Supplemental Classes - I regularly release additional classes designed to help you get more out of this course.

  • A tour of my working evironment (Collecting) - VIDEO

  • How I do the Golden 10 - VIDEO

  • How To Make Sure You Are Focused On What's Important To You. - VIDEO [NEW]

  • Why your goals should be at the foundation of your system. - VIDEO [NEW]

Are you eligible for a discount?

If you’ve already bought the book:

You can enrol in this course for the special price of $19.99 all you need to do is take the fourth word in chapter "A Day In The Life Of Me" and use that as the coupon code to get yourself enrolled. If you have trouble, email me at carl@carlpullein.com and I will be happy to help you out. 

If you’ve already enrolled in my Supercharge Your Productivity online course: 

The Supercharge Your Productivity Course was designed on the original Your Digital Life system. While this new course has been updated with many of the new systems and practices, you may find some duplication. Because of that, you can get yourself a 50% discount. I have already emailed you with the special discount code, however, if you did not receive the email. Please contact me and I will be happy to supply you with the code.