Apple IOS9 is Out This Week. Time To Review Your iDevice Systems

Apple launches IOS9 this week and will be launching OS X El Capitan later this month. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to review our systems and see how the new features can improve the way we work.

One notable area of improvement to the Apple ecosystem for example is Notes. The new Notes app sees a significant improvement over previous versions, which means we have new ways of saving and searching our notes. 

One thing I always do when Apple updates their ecosystem is to have a look at my existing set up and see how I can improve it. This means every autumn my system gets a good looking at and improvements made where possible. This year of course I will be looking at the way I take notes and see how the new Notes app can fit into my system, If at all.

Another surprising move for me is with the new Apple News app. When I saw it demonstrated last June I couldn't see how it would work for me. Then after I downloaded the public beta version of IOS9 last week, I discovered that this app could change the way I read and collect my news. I don't know yet if I will use this app as a replacement, but it is under consideration and is being tested.

 I also take this opportunity to purge those apps I have not used for a  long time. I notice over a year for some reason I collect countless photo enhancement apps I seldom, if ever use. This week I am purging apps and it is surprising how many apps I have already found I can delete and remove.
 So if you live in the Apple ecosystem, this week is a good time to review your systems and see if you can make them better. And don't forget to back up your existing devices before you do the updates. Just a quick reminder ha ha