Supercharge Your Email is February's Online Course Offer!

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Email is one of biggest time sucks and sources of stress in a persons’ life these days. Many of you are probably receiving hundreds of emails each day and they just add more and more things to do on top of all the other things you have to do. 

That’s why I created the Supercharge Your Email Productivity. I wanted to teach people that with just a few simple strategies, your email could be brought under control for good. 

The Supercharge Your Email Productivity course is one of my favourite courses. I really enjoyed putting this course together because I knew the system and the tips I shared in this course, although simple, would have a huge impact on a person’s productivity. 

This course teaches you to build your own email processing system that makes dealing with email a real pleasure, it also helps you develop the decision-making skills required to become more productive in other areas of your life too. 

So, in February, I am offering the Supercharge Your Email Productivity course for $19.99. That’s a saving of over 60%! 

This course is divided into 6 parts:

  1. Let’s begin
  2. The Overview
  3. The setup
  4. Using the system
  5. Some dos and don’ts
  6. And finally…

Included in this special offer, You will receive:

  • 20 lectures (1 hour in total)
  • Lifetime access to the course and its updates
  • A free copy of the 2018 Time And Life Mastery Workbook
  • Free download of the InBox Zero System PDF

Email does not have to be a cause of stress in your life, it can be a great way to maintain relationships, demonstrate your professionalism and lead you towards greater and better things. 

So go on and invest in yourself this February and get yourself enrolled in the Supercharge Your Email Productivity course and turn email into one of your favourite tools for getting stuff done.

What people have been saying:

“Great course by Carl. Putting this knowledge to use immediately. I get well over 250 emails per day so it's imperative that I get the best strategies for processing mail fully and Carl delivers.” Scott S

“Great course, I will implement it to my email processing habits.” - Przemyslaw W

“I like the way the course is organized and the constructive but tough love approach!” - Anne K

If we really want our skills expanded to get our email inbox to zero Then this course is really having value for money. - Sumitha B

Carl is always worth to listen. Good course. Simple but really effective if you want to master your email productivity. - Jose L