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Are you ready to get started with the brilliant Todoist productivity app?

Just launched, my FREE Getting Started With Todoist course is now available.

Join millions of people becoming better organised and more productive with Todoist and get control of your time and your productivity.

The Ultimate Accountability

With me along side you, guiding you, and making sure you are hitting your milestones—milestones you set for yourself—there will be nothing to stop you. You will be accountable and have no more excuses for finally reaching your potential. 

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Online Courses

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Your Digital Life 2.0


Your Digital Life 2.0 has been written for the everyday person who has no real interest in technology and just wants to use technology to work ‘straight out of the box' without having to think too much about how or why it works. If you want to achieve more without becoming a workaholic then this book is for you.

Your Digital Life was born from a desire to help my clients claim their lives back. To help them regain control of their life, to show them how the amazing technology they carry around with them every day can do so much more for them and free up time so they can do the things they really want to do without any stress.

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The Time And Life Mastery 3 Workbook

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The Time And Life Mastery 3 Workbook is all you need to make an year the best year you have ever had. 

It is a step by step guide to help you achieve all you want to achieve. The workbook takes you through the process of deciding what you want out of life, then it break this down into goals and objectives and helps you to create daily objectives that takes you on the road to achieving everything you want. 

This book follows the principles set out in my online course Time And Life Mastery and by buying this book, you get 50% off the purchase price of the course. 

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Working With Todoist: The Book 

Working With Todoist has been written for anyone who wants to get themselves organised using one of the best productivity tools available today. Todoist's beauty, simplicity and flexibility make it one of the best todo list managers for anyone, whether you are a top CEO or a student just wanting to manage all the subject assignments and exams. This book covers everything you need to become a Todoist Grandmaster in no time at all. 

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English Communication

You can book me for one to one classes, group classes in your company or select one of my lectures or workshops from Fandcorp's website.

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I teach a business English class at BCM Speaking Works  every Saturday morning 10:00AM to 1:00PM,  in Seokchon-Dong, Seoul. 

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