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Save 15% on Programme 2 in October

Sign up for programme 2 in October and you get a 15% discount. With just three months to go before the end of 2019, now is the right time to start planning 2020.

If you are not sure how this coaching can help you, then take Programme 1 and if you want to extend your coaching sessions I will deduct your $99.00 from the price of the programme you choose.

One on One Coaching | What Can You Expect?

With over 25 years experience in the time management, productivity and goal planning, I know the challenges people face everyday. I understand how difficult it can be to work on things you want to work on when you are being constantly interrupted by new demands, crises and daily challenges.

That is why I created my coaching programme. With just a little guidance and a lot of accountability , you can build your own system. A system Tailor-made for you. A system that no matter what you throw at it, it will take it all in and give you what you need when you need to see it. It will keep you focused on the things you want to accomplish and ensure you are moving forward each day.

Together, we design a plan to achieve your goals and we create a system that allows you to take care of your daily work while at the same time giving you the space to work on the things you want to work on.

The plan we create takes full advantage of your strengths and builds them into the C.O.D (Collect Organise & Do) framework so you begin to achieve outstanding results in your life.

Just as the best coaches have experience and understanding to help their athletes deliver their best performance, I have the skills and experience to understand where you are struggling and coach you so you become better organised and build a system that not only helps you manage your day to day work but also make headway on your goals.


Helping Your Achieve Your Best

Whether you are starting out and want to create your own system or you have struggled for years to build a productivity and goal achievement method, I can help you.

We work on making small, incremental changes to your habits and help you develop new habits so you are focused on what is important and learn to eliminate or delegate the unimportant. These changes are the foundational habits that will power your new, productive self. The goal is to create within you a culture of outstanding performance so whatever you set out to achieve you know how to achieve it and you never lose sight of the outcomes you set for yourself.

How It Works

Your first sessions are about getting to know you and what problems you are facing. We also talk about what you want to achieve over the next twelve months and begin developing ideas around achieving those goals.

These developmental sessions may take a few weeks to build, but by the end of your first month you will be developing new habits and systems so they become automatic. You will be doing a short daily planning session every evening, collecting everything that comes to mind and you will be spending a few minutes each day organising what you collected.

You will also be working on your goals every day. Step by step you will be moving closer towards achieving your goals and at the same time you will be growing and developing.

Along the way I will be there to answer any questions via email/Skype/FaceTime/Twist and, when you are ready, you can schedule a call to discuss issues, difficulties, work on solutions and check progress. How often you need a call is entirely up to you. That is why my programmes are never a period of time, rather a number of calls.

During this coaching programme Carl will guide you to learn:

  • How to expertly use a todo list manager so you know what needs doing and when

  • How to use your calendar so that it works for you

  • How to develop your goals so that you are working to achieve them every day

  • How to develop habits so that the things you learn in this programme are never lost

  • Keep you accountable to your objectives.

  • Help you to see the bigger picture of what it is you want to achieve.

Being part of this programme you will receive:

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  • Personalised feedback after each call

  • Regular check-in calls to make sure you are working towards achieving your objectives and to give guidance. (you choose how frequently you need them)

  • A free copy of my Your Digital Life 2.0 book.

  • Free access to Time And Life Mastery Online Course (Only available for Programmes 2 - 4)

The Ultimate Coaching Accountability

With me along side you, guiding you, and making sure you are hitting your milestones—milestones you set for yourself—there will be nothing to stop you. You will be fully accountable and have no more excuses for finally reaching your potential.

To get started all you need do is complete this short questionnaire and select which programme you would prefer. Then, choose a day and time from the booking calendar.

There are four programmes you can choose from.

Programme 1

1 x 50 minute call + 1 x 30 minute follow up call - $99.00 (Great for seeing how I can help you)

Programme 2

Three months - $350.00

Programme 3

Six months - $550.00

Programme 4

Twelve Months - $850.00

How it works

  • You sign up for one of the four coaching programmes.

  • You complete the mentoring questionnaire.

  • You choose a convenient time to schedule a Skype / FaceTime call.

  • We begin work on developing your productivity system.

  • We develop your goals along the “WHAT / WHY / HOW” principles.

  • We develop an action plan so that you are focused on achieving your goals.

If you would like to learn more about my coaching programmes or you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at