Productivity is not about doing more work.

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There’s a perception that to become more productive means doing more work. Yet that is not the purpose of becoming more productive at all. Becoming more productive is about becoming more effective at getting your work done so you can spend more time doing the things you want to do with the people you love being with.

The world we live in today is an amazing place. We can do things, visit places and experience events our grandparents could only have dreamed of, yet our work seems to fill up our time leaving little left to enjoy life. When you become more productive, you free up time and mental energy by getting your work done more efficiently and you experience less stress because you know exactly what needs doing, by when and how.

Living a life of less stress and more fun!

When you know what needs doing, by when and how you are going to do it, you feel more relaxed about what you face. When you collect everything into a trusted place and you have everything organised in places you instantly know where to find later, it creates a sense of calm. It frees up your mind to become more creative, more at one with your surroundings and to enjoy time spent with people you care about without worrying about the workload facing you on Monday morning. It allows you to leave the office at the office so you can be fully engaged with your family and your friends at home.

The consequences of not being productive.

I work with many people who have allowed their work to take control of their lives. Bosses, shareholders, clients and suppliers are constantly demanding time, leaving them stressed and worried about what they haven’t done. Their minds are constantly trying to remember if they have forgotten something, they never have time to relax and it’s not a nice place to be. It leads to anxiousness, dangerous levels of stress and when they are not at work, their mind is still working, worrying about the presentation they haven’t finished, the report they haven’t written yet and the meeting with the important client on Thursday afternoon.

The good news Is making a few simple changes to the way you manage your day is all you need do. Taking a few seconds to collect your commitments, ideas and events into a digital to-do list or writing them down into a notebook when they happen. Spending around ten minutes at the end of the day organising what you collected in a way you will see them when you need to see them is all you need. It’s simple, not necessarily easy, but it is simple.

Practice and patience.

With practice, a little patience and some time, collecting your ‘stuff’ becomes a habit. When it becomes a habit the whole process becomes automatic and when that happens you will find yourself more productive, less stressed and more in charge of your time.

When you become more productive, the first thing you will notice is your stress levels reduce. This is an almost immediate change in the way you feel. You have everything organised and where you need it. You are fully aware of your approaching deadlines and you know where you need to be, with whom and when at any given time. Just that level of control over your time will have a significant positive effect on your overall feeling of wellbeing.

The power of self-discipline.

One of the wonderful side effects of becoming better organised and more productive is your self-discipline improves. The fact you took the time to set up your ‘system’ shows that when you put your mind to something you can do it. It builds momentum and momentum is an incredible fuel for self-discipline. When something positive happens, the feeling you have is addictive. That sense of accomplishment leaves you craving more accomplishment and you begin looking at other areas of your life to improve. It creates a wonderful cycle of positive change that can only benefit you and the people you care about.

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about how I can help more people take control of their time and become better organised and more productive. I know when it comes to self-improvement, for many people improving their productivity and time management is not high on their list of skills to acquire. But productivity and better organisation is the foundation on which you can build huge improvements in your life. Consistently improving ourselves is essential if we want to grow as human beings, but if we don’t have the time to self-improve we will never get round to doing so.

Introducing From Disorganised to Productivity Mastery in 3 Days.


So I decided to put together a three-day online course — No, the course does not last 72 hours — It is a course where you take three days and by a combination of classes and time to take the required action you can become better organised and more productive. Over the course of three days, you will have around thirty minutes of tuition each day, followed by the rest of the day setting up and putting in to practice everything you learned in the classes. You start on day one by collecting all your stuff together and getting it organised into places you can find when you need it. The second day teaches you the basic tools you need for an effective productivity system and the final day, called “implementation” gives you a system that has helped thousands of people from all walks of life around the world go from being disorganised to becoming productivity masters.

This whole course is designed to get you from where you are today to having the skills of productivity mastery in just three days. It won’t be easy but it is simple and with a little patience, quite a bit of action and consistency, over time you will become a productivity master and with that start enjoying the benefits of less stress, less time spent in a cubicle at work and more time being with the people you care about doing the things you want to do, when you want to do them.

The course launches on Friday (12 October) and I hope you will join me and start a new, incredible life by becoming better organised and more productive so you can spend more of your precious time with the people you love doing the things you want to do.

For more details, you can visit the course’s page here where further details of this incredible course can be found and where you will be able to enrol from Friday.

Good luck and see you on Friday in the From Disorganised to Productivity Mastery in 3 Days.

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