Winners From Our Present in English Course

Last Monday and Tuesday I did the Present in English seminar with a group of guys from Bayer Korea and I had a fantastic time.
When they completed their final presentations on the final day not one student read a script. They all used images to illustrate their points and they kept their language simple and easy to understand (I need that^^

Above was the overall winner Gyu Won Jung (정규원) for her presentation on how to improve your life. One main reason she won was because her presentation contained few words in the slides, good clear images and her presentation was clear, understandable and very interesting.

In second place was Choi Il Ho (최일호) for his presentation on his hobbies. Il Ho began his presentation with the story of how he got interested in his hobbies, he illustrated his presentation with personal pictures and told stories throughout.

Above was the winners trophy ^^
Congratulations to everyone for a wonderful two days and well done to everyone. All the final presentations were very good and it was really difficult to choose a winner.