What Does it Take To Become Successful In Today’s Digital World? PACT


Today, people expect instant success. They hear about people making hundreds of thousands of dollars from Instagram and YouTube from a single photo or video and yet the reality is the fundamentals of building a successful life has not changed. It takes patience, it takes action done consistently every day to develop a craft and it takes time. This talk goes through the building blocks of developing success at anything and demonstrates that anyone can do it if they have PACT.

What is PACT?

PACT is an acronym for the words: patience, action, consistency and time. Put together these four words create a powerful force that can turn any idea into a huge success.


We live in a world where we can find out the date Leonardo Da Vinci was born at the press of a few buttons on a device we carry around with us everywhere. We live in a world where if we want to buy a box of 280 Yorkshire Teabags we can immediately find out where to buy them and have them delivered anywhere in the world within seven days. We live in a world where we can talk to our closest family and friends twenty-four hours a day no matter where they are in the world. We live in a world of instantaneousness.

And that is great! But it means we now live in a world where what we want we believe we can have instantly and for many things that is not true and when we find we cannot have it instantly, we get frustrated, lose patience and give up. 

We are losing our ability to be patient, to work hard for what we want and take the necessary action to achieve. We now expect to receive more than were are prepared to work for. Yet the fundamentals of building success, of achieving greatness, have not changed. We cannot just post our best photo on Instagram and instantly get one million followers earning us hundreds of thousands of dollars. We cannot decide one day to become a doctor and tomorrow be performing open-heart surgery. We cannot decide to lose twenty-pounds in weight and wake up tomorrow twenty-pounds lighter. Fundamentals never change. To achieve anything worthwhile takes time, requires action, patience and consistency and these ‘things’ are the things that create happiness, a sense of achievement and gives us purpose in life. 

In this highly entertaining and educational talk, Carl takes you through the building blocks of creating a successful life. PACT: Patience, Action, Consistency and Time. Carl explains that no matter how fast and instantaneous technology is, or becomes in the future, these four fundamentals will never change and without developing them we are heading for an unfulfilled disappointing life and by the time we realise it, no amount of new technology is going to change things for us. 

Patience: Success does not come overnight. It takes time and without patience, frustration is allowed to grow and frustration leads to giving up.

Action: Nothing will ever be achieved unless some form of action is taken. Taking action is the building block of creating a business, completing a marathon or changing anything. 

Consistency: Taking action for one day will not achieve much. The action you take has to be done consistently week in week out. 

Time: Whatever it is you want to achieve, you need to allow sufficient time for it to develop and grow. Whether that is building a large following on social media to creating a business. It all takes time.

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Carl is a renowned productivity and time management coach who has helped thousands of people around the world get better at managing their time and become more productive using technology they carry around with them everyday.

Carl has written three books on productivity and time management and coaches companies and individuals around the world through his Time and Life Mastery and Your Digital Life courses.