What It Takes To Achieve Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Success.

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As many you already know, one of my interests is to research successful people and reverse-engineer how they became successful. I believe we are all born equal. No one person is born with super-human powers that help them to become more successful than everyone else. What determines success is life experiences and mindset and over the last couple of weeks or so I have been researching Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson discovering how a former Pro-wrestler became Hollywood’s highest-earning actor ever! After reading articles about Johnson’s work ethic and total commitment to his work it became very clear how he did it.

Have an insane work ethic.

As with all forms of success, whether that be in acting or sport, you find the people at the top have an insane focus on becoming the best. They out work, out train and out learn their ‘rivals’. They are incredibly competitive, while being competitive may be unfashionable, their total focus is on being number one.

Dwayne Johnson’s rivals may wake up at 6 am and practice their lines. Dwayne Johnson wakes up at 4:00 am and exercises. Rivals may feel working a twelve hour day is more than enough, Dwayne Johnson does seventeen hours and still feels there’s more to be done.

And that’s the thing, Life is competitive — it always has been — look at any large, successful company structure. There’s normally only one CEO, yet there will be thousands of entry-level positions. It’s relatively easy to enter a company, it’s much harder to become the CEO of the company. To become the CEO you need experience, skills and a unique ability, a differentiator. It’s that unique ability — the differentiator — that gives you the advantage. It could be you are a brilliant negotiator or have the ability to build incredibly talented teams. What that unique ability is, is less important than the fact you have that ability.

Focus on your strengths.

Dwayne Johnson may not be a classically trained actor, but he does have immense screen presence. His physicality jumps out at you and his booming voice is not only endearing it is also incredibly charismatic. You can bet he works on those parts of his skills relentlessly.

It is your strengths that will give you the advantage, not your weaknesses. Don’t ignore your weaknesses but focus more on your strengths because your strengths will be what gives you the advantage.

When I was a competitive 1,500 metres runner I knew my strength was my sprint finish. I knew as long as I stayed on the shoulder of the runner leading the pack when it came to the last 200 metres I was in with a good chance of winning the race. This meant I needed to make sure my speed endurance was strong enough to put me in a position where I could allow my strengths to go to work. So I trained for speed endurance doing sets of 400 and 600 metres with very short rest between runs until I could run no more. I was strengthening my strengths. Sundays, though, were always long ten to twelve mile runs — stamina was still an important part of the overall training programme, even though that wasn’t my strength I still needed the ability to stay on the shoulders of the leading runners if I wanted to win.

Be obsessed with the details.

When you look through Dwayne Johnson’s social media feeds, it is clear he is most comfortable wearing sportswear. Yet, as a leading actor, he is required to attend premieres of his films and do media events. You can’t exactly turn up in your training gear for an event like that. What does Johnson do? He hires one of the top stylists to dress him for those events. Whenever you see Dwayne Johnson at a premiere, he looks fantastic! Dressed entirely appropriate for the occasion. It’s that attention to the details that put Johnson at the top of his field. He understands what it takes to get to the top.

You see the same with Tony Robbins. When Tony Robbins is on a business TV channel, he’s wearing a suit and tie. When he’s performing in front of 15,000 people at an Unleash The Power Within event, it’s dark blue jeans and a dark blue shirt. Your image and the details of the work you create matter.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, striving to be the best at what you do is a sure fire way to achieve it. Never settle for average when with a bit of effort you can become the leader. You can be the one people look up to as the leader and you can be the one to set the example for people to follow. Total commitment, total dedication and total focus. That is how you become a leader, that is how you achieve success. There are no shortcuts, you create your own luck by doing the work, reading the books, lifting the weights and practising your craft day in day out.


If you want to learn more about achieving success and becoming the leader in your chosen field then take a look at my Ultimate Goal Planning course. It’s a complete system that will help you to discover what you want to achieve and shows you how to create a plan to go out and achieve it.

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The Beginners Guide To Building Your Own Productivity System.

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Over the last few months, I have been thinking how I can best help more people discover the wonderful benefits of getting better at time management and more productive. To show more people how by having a productivity system that works for them can reduce daily stress, begin an unstoppable journey towards achieving their goals and ambitions and to give them more time to do the things they really want to do. 

I have written books, created extensive online courses and produced over 300 videos on YouTube. Yet, I feel there is so much more I can do to help more people discover a world of being better with the time they have each day. 

This is why I have created a new FREE course called Beginners Guide To Building Your Own Productivity System

One of the strongest beliefs I have is that a productivity system needs to work for you. If you prefer using digital technology then your system needs to work digitally. If you prefer pen and paper then it needs to work on paper. And if like me, you prefer a hybrid system then it needs to work both digitally and on paper. We are all different and we all have different lifestyles, ways of thinking and ways of doing our work.

However, the basic foundations of a great productivity system never change. You need to be collecting everything that is thrown at you into a place you trust you will look at regularly, you need to spend some time each day organising what you collected and you need to do the work so you meet your deadlines and you know what is coming up in the next few weeks and months. 

This new course will help you start the process of creating your own system. It explains the principles of COD: Collect, Organise and Do. It also takes you through the tools you need in order to implement COD and it explains why you need PACT (Patience, Action, Consistency and Time) in order to build the habits so the system you build for yourself works without you having to think about it. You will collect naturally, organise naturally and do the work naturally. 

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This course is part of my PROJECT 1 MILLION project, a project to help one million people by 2020 get better at time management and become more productive. I passionately believe that once you know what needs doing, when and how at all times, your stress is reduced, your health is improved, your relationships with loved ones improve and your goals get achieved. Overall, being better at time management and becoming more productive changes peoples lives for the better and I want the whole world to experience these wonderful, life-changing benefits

What’s In The Course?

  • Introduction

  • Who am I?

  • Why build a productivity system?

  • What you need.

Part 1: COD - Collect | Organise | Do

  • What is COD?

  • Collect

  • Organise

  • Do

Part 2: The Golden 10 Minutes

  • The Golden 10 and why it’s important

  • Building your Golden 10

Part 3: How To Use Your Calendar

  • How to use your calendar

  • The Calendar’s golden rule

Part 4: PACT - Patience | Action | Consistency | Time

  • Patience

  • Action

  • Consistency

  • Time

Part 5: And finally…

  • Learn from the masters

  • Project 1 Million

  • A final word

Also included in this course are free downloads of the Your Digital Life 2.0 workflow, The Golden 10 basic checklist and the PACT guide. 

This course will get you started on the road to becoming better organised and more productive and these are the foundations of building a life of achievement, happiness and success. 

You can enrol in the course right here from Friday 11 May 2018. 


It’s The Daily Grind That Will Take You Towards Your Dream.

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I work with a lot of people who have dreams of starting their own businesses or have aspirations to climb to the top of the corporate ladder and the sad thing is most of them are going to fail to achieve these goals.

As most people recognise, success in anything doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and years of practice. Even those businesses that develop an app that suddenly takes off in the app stores and turn the company from a small, single operator business into a multi-million dollar business did not happen overnight. The developers spent years and years learning to code and developing their craft in order to create an app that resonates with millions of people.

People don’t go from a high-level manager in a medium-sized company into a sort after consultant overnight. No matter what their reputation in the business world is, going from manager to a successful business consultant takes years of contact development, building a track record in consulting and proven results. It just does not happen overnight.

And that’s the thing about success, while most people see the end result, what they rarely acknowledge is the years of craft development, the commitment of time and the sacrifices that have taken place over years in order to get to a level where people say you are successful.

The daily grind of learning, growing and developing your skills are requirements that you are going to have to commit to if you want to achieve any kind of success. Doing the Golden 10 every evening, for example, so you are focused each day on what is important to you and maintaining that focus every day. It means learning skills that will enhance your abilities, practising existing skills so they remain relevant in today’s world and creating work that you show to the world so they can see for themselves what you are capable of doing.

If you are not prepared to put the daily work in, then you are not prepared to succeed. It is really that simple. Dreaming, thinking and talking about achieving success does not achieve anything. At some point, you are going to have to take action and make those dreams, thoughts and words become reality. Action could be reading the books, taking the courses, and building the content. Each one has its own part to play and of course, you are going to have to allow sufficient time to mature these skills and build your fan base. Without any of these, nothing is going to happen to move you towards building the future you want to build.

The problem we have as human beings is we are all experts at making excuses for not doing. We think we have more time than we do and we are more than happy to allow ourselves to be distracted by other shinier projects, other people and of course the naysayers who will tell you you won’t succeed and you should forget about it and live a ‘normal’ unambitious life.

The reality is it is tough to be successful — it has always been tough. This is why so few people become truly successful. It takes a single-minded purpose, a lot of time and a determination that cannot be broken by the next new shiny project offered to you. You have to do the daily work, day in day out and build whatever it is you want to build without allowing yourself to be distracted by anyone or anything. If you are not prepared to do that, then you are not going to make your ambitions, goals and dreams come true.

So, ask yourself, are you prepared to do the daily grind to make your goals happen?


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My purpose is to help one million people by 2020 to live the lives they desire. To help people find happiness and become better organised and more productive so they can do more of the important things in life. If you want to learn more about how I can help you, have a look at the various online courses I have. There might be something there that could change your life!

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How To Build A Social Media Channel Using P.A.C.T The FREE Online Course.


 My latest online course has just gone live and it is a free course on using the principles of P.A.C.T to create your own successful social media channel, whether that is on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. 


Many people dream of creating a YouTube channel, an Instagram account or a blog that becomes one of the world’s most popular places in its field. Yet, most people fail to achieve it. The reason is quite often nothing to do with skill or know-how. The majority of cases fail because they do not have P.A.C.T.

What is P.A.C.T? 

P.A.C.T is an acronym for Patience, Action, Consistency and Time. And if you want to be successful at creating a social media account—or anything else—you are going to need all four of these things. You are not going to become the next Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) on Instagram or the next Seth Godin in the blogging world overnight. It takes time, it takes patience, you need to take a lot of action and you have to be consistent. 

In this course, I show you how you can apply these three behaviours and one element to build your own, successful social media channel. Each word has its own section, and each section has a scenario study that shows you how each one applied can really help to create a great channel.

I am not promising you will get millions of followers—that depends on your story and your content—what I am showing you is what you need to have to be able to achieve such a result. 

I hope you enjoy this course, and I hope more than anything else that you will become a huge star in the world of social media. 

The course is 100% free (for now), and included in the course is the slide-deck I used to make it. If you would like to download your own copy of the slide deck, you can do so right here. 

Good luck and if you need any advice or help in creating your social media presence, feel free to reach out and if I can help, I will be more than happy to do so.