Books On Sale & Bundles

Book Offer.jpg

Over the last few days I’ve been reviewing the books I have on my website (as well as Amazon and iBookstore) and I have placed some of my books and bundles on sale. 

Here’s what you can find:

On Amazon and iBookstore I have reduced the price of Your Digital Life (edition 1) to $4.99. 

And over on my website, where I have much more control, here’s what you can find: 


Your Digital Life (Edition 1) is now on sale at $4.50 direct from my website. You can buy either the ePub or Kindle versions at this price. 


Your Digital Life (Edition 1) + Working With Todoist: The Book, can now be bought as a bundle for $12.50 (reduced from $17.00) ePub or Kindle versions


The Time And Life Mastery 2018 Workbook is now at an incredibly low price of $5.00. This is an investment I belief everyone should make. This is an investment in your future. (PDF)


The Your Digital Life 2.0 and Working With Todoist: The book  bundle is now available to purchase at the reduced price of $15.00 (saving $4.50) ePub or Kindle versions