What It Takes To Achieve Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Success.

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As many you already know, one of my interests is to research successful people and reverse-engineer how they became successful. I believe we are all born equal. No one person is born with super-human powers that help them to become more successful than everyone else. What determines success is life experiences and mindset and over the last couple of weeks or so I have been researching Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson discovering how a former Pro-wrestler became Hollywood’s highest-earning actor ever! After reading articles about Johnson’s work ethic and total commitment to his work it became very clear how he did it.

Have an insane work ethic.

As with all forms of success, whether that be in acting or sport, you find the people at the top have an insane focus on becoming the best. They out work, out train and out learn their ‘rivals’. They are incredibly competitive, while being competitive may be unfashionable, their total focus is on being number one.

Dwayne Johnson’s rivals may wake up at 6 am and practice their lines. Dwayne Johnson wakes up at 4:00 am and exercises. Rivals may feel working a twelve hour day is more than enough, Dwayne Johnson does seventeen hours and still feels there’s more to be done.

And that’s the thing, Life is competitive — it always has been — look at any large, successful company structure. There’s normally only one CEO, yet there will be thousands of entry-level positions. It’s relatively easy to enter a company, it’s much harder to become the CEO of the company. To become the CEO you need experience, skills and a unique ability, a differentiator. It’s that unique ability — the differentiator — that gives you the advantage. It could be you are a brilliant negotiator or have the ability to build incredibly talented teams. What that unique ability is, is less important than the fact you have that ability.

Focus on your strengths.

Dwayne Johnson may not be a classically trained actor, but he does have immense screen presence. His physicality jumps out at you and his booming voice is not only endearing it is also incredibly charismatic. You can bet he works on those parts of his skills relentlessly.

It is your strengths that will give you the advantage, not your weaknesses. Don’t ignore your weaknesses but focus more on your strengths because your strengths will be what gives you the advantage.

When I was a competitive 1,500 metres runner I knew my strength was my sprint finish. I knew as long as I stayed on the shoulder of the runner leading the pack when it came to the last 200 metres I was in with a good chance of winning the race. This meant I needed to make sure my speed endurance was strong enough to put me in a position where I could allow my strengths to go to work. So I trained for speed endurance doing sets of 400 and 600 metres with very short rest between runs until I could run no more. I was strengthening my strengths. Sundays, though, were always long ten to twelve mile runs — stamina was still an important part of the overall training programme, even though that wasn’t my strength I still needed the ability to stay on the shoulders of the leading runners if I wanted to win.

Be obsessed with the details.

When you look through Dwayne Johnson’s social media feeds, it is clear he is most comfortable wearing sportswear. Yet, as a leading actor, he is required to attend premieres of his films and do media events. You can’t exactly turn up in your training gear for an event like that. What does Johnson do? He hires one of the top stylists to dress him for those events. Whenever you see Dwayne Johnson at a premiere, he looks fantastic! Dressed entirely appropriate for the occasion. It’s that attention to the details that put Johnson at the top of his field. He understands what it takes to get to the top.

You see the same with Tony Robbins. When Tony Robbins is on a business TV channel, he’s wearing a suit and tie. When he’s performing in front of 15,000 people at an Unleash The Power Within event, it’s dark blue jeans and a dark blue shirt. Your image and the details of the work you create matter.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, striving to be the best at what you do is a sure fire way to achieve it. Never settle for average when with a bit of effort you can become the leader. You can be the one people look up to as the leader and you can be the one to set the example for people to follow. Total commitment, total dedication and total focus. That is how you become a leader, that is how you achieve success. There are no shortcuts, you create your own luck by doing the work, reading the books, lifting the weights and practising your craft day in day out.


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