Why Drifting Through Life Will Result In A Lifetime Of Regret.

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It so easy to allow ourselves to be seduced into following the prevailing currents. To allow life to push and pull us in any direction it so chooses. To follow the latest trends, to get upset by the things the faux outrage crowd are outraged about that day and to just settle for whatever life has served up for us.

The problem with this approach is that one day you are going to wake up and look back over your life and feel a huge sense of regret for not having done anything about the things you wanted to do. To have missed out on a chance to see the amazing things the world has to offer. From the canals of Venice to the Northern Lights in Norway. To have missed out on the chance to develop new skills and to have achieved something remarkable.

Sometimes, it feels like the world is against you. All the things we like are bad for us, chocolate cake, vodka cocktails and sitting down and binge-watching episodes of our favourite drama on Netflix — too much of a good thing…

Life has never been fair.

However, this is how it is meant to be. The world is not fair, Life is not fair. If you want to make an impact on the world you have to take action. You can’t write something on Facebook or Twitter and sit back and expect the world to change. It does not work like that. It takes years of writing, making your point over and over again and building a community of followers. It means consistently crafting your message and becoming better and better at what you do through deliberate practice. That’s the way life works and that is why we live in such a wonderful world and at such a wonderful time.

Find your own path.

A fulfilled life is not created by following other people. A fulfilled life is created by following your own path. It is about trying new things, no matter how crazy they may seem to other people. If you want to take a year off work and travel through the Amazonian jungle in an old 1970s Land Rover, then do it. Save the money, buy the Land Rover and just go do it. The adventure, the memories and the experience will last a lifetime and the skills you will learn along the way will make you an even better person than you already are. People will tell you if you buy an old 1970s Land Rover you will spend most of your time under the bonnet fixing something (probably true) and if you go to the Amazon you will get bitten by dangerous snakes or eaten by cannibals. They will tell you anything to stop you. Not because they care about you, but because they don’t have the courage to follow through with their dreams and they envy you.

Society wants you to live to the standard blueprint. It wants you to be ‘normal’, whatever that means in the society you live in. When you are “normal” you are predictable and you follow the rules. Most people yearn for something more than that. They want adventure, they want to be able to work from wherever they feel like working that day and they want opportunities to pursue unusual hobbies and interests without the fear of being negatively judged.

People will always judge you negatively because they envy you.

The thing is you will always be negatively judged if you veer from the norm. People will tell you-you can’t do something, or that other people have tried that and have failed (those other people are not you. Always remember that). You should just shut up and settle down to a nice Job and a quiet family life. But that might not be what you want. And if that is the case don’t let these people stop you from pursuing your dreams and ideas. If you do you will soon find you have no time left to pursue them and you will be filled with regret and disappointment.

We only get one shot. Life is not a rehearsal. It is your duty to create a remarkable life. To seek out adventure, to try new things and to leave the world a little bit better than you found it. That should be the goal. Not to live a life someone else wants you to live.

Live life with no regrets.

I’ve always liked the quote: “live life with no regrets”. That is a great way to live your life. It suggests you live life on your terms and not someone else’s and it invokes a sense of joy and happiness. Regret is poison to the soul. It erodes your confidence and it leads to misery. Don’t let it happen to you. Take some time to decide what it is you want to do with your life. What you want to achieve and what you want to learn. Then make a plan to achieve it. Once you have decided what it is you want to do and you have a plan, start doing. Start ticking off those things. Go see the sunrise in the east and the sunset in the west. Learn how to dismantle a car and rebuild it. Start learning Portuguese. Whatever it is you want to do start doing. Decide, plan, do. It’s that simple.

I have a complete course, Time And Life Mastery, that will help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. The whole course is designed to help you discover what you want to achieve in your life — for you to live your life how you want to live it and show you how you can achieve it. You can check out the course details here.

So whatever it is you yearn to do with your life, don’t let anyone tell you-you cannot do it. You can and even if you fail, at least you will have no regrets because you tried. “It’s better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all”

Not trying will lead to a lifetime of regret and that is not the way to live your life.

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