Why You Need PACT If You Want To Achieve Success in the Twenty-first Century

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There are many reasons someone becomes successful. There’s luck — being in the right place at the right time — there’s talent, and then there’s sheer hard work. But with the many different reasons, there are four things that all successful person are going to need to achieve success in whatever way they define it, and they are patience, action, consistency and time or P.A.C.T. As I like to call it.

Let’s imagine you want to become a social media “influencer”. How do you achieve the status of an influencer? The first, and primary thing you need of course is quality content. Without this, you will not achieve any kind of success. Quality beats everything else. You could be publishing videos every day on YouTube or post pictures every hour on Instagram, but if there is no quality, you are not going to achieve very much. But let’s say you do have quality content and what you have to say or publish resonates with an audience, is that enough? No.

You see the other vital ingredients that need to go into the mix are patience, action, consistency and time. Without these four elements, you are doomed to become another dreamer who failed to achieve their goals.

Let me explain these in a little more detail.


There is no such thing as an ‘overnight success’. When we come across someone who we term “an overnight success” what we don’t see are the hours of work and study they put in to develop their skills and knowledge. Seth Godin and John Gruber were not instant blogging sensations. Both Seth Godin and John Gruber began blogging over ten years ago and over time developed a large audience of loyal fans.

If you want to become a top courtroom lawyer, you are going to need the necessary academic qualifications first, but after that, you will need to study the best in the business. How do they do it? What skills do they have you don’t have? How will you acquire those skills and be even better? All this takes a lot of patience. You are not going to do it overnight.


There are so many people who live by the words “one day I’m going to…” or “someday I will…” The thing is, ‘one day’ and ‘some day’ are not recognised days of the week. They don’t happen. If you really want to achieve success at anything, you have to take action. You have to write those blog posts, you have to study and learn the skills needed to be the best court-room lawyer and you are going to have to do whatever it takes to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. Nothing will ever replace action. If you want to create or achieve anything, then at some point you will have to do something to make it happen. It could be something as simple as watching the best presenters on TED, and learning what makes them so good and developing the same skill sets. Whatever it is you want to become successful at, you are going to have to take action to achieve it.


Consistency is another factor that will help you achieve the success you desire. If you want to create a top blog in your field. Posting twenty blog posts in one week and then writing nothing for the next six months is not going to achieve very much. You will pick up a few followers, but unless you are consistently posting content, those few followers will soon disappear. The same applies if you were training for a 26.2-mile marathon. If you run every day for two weeks and then stop for two months. You are not going to have a very pleasant experience when running the race (trust me on that one, I know!). You need consistency in posting and you need consistency in training.

The good thing about consistency is that quite quickly your consistency in doing something develops into a habit, and habits are the little helpers that push you towards achieving huge success.


The final piece is time. You need to give yourself enough time to grow and learn. There are exceptions, but for most of us, we need to consistently practice our art, we need to consistently put content onto our blog or YouTube channel. This is why you need patience. If you expect to be earning millions of dollars within your first year of publishing YouTube videos on purple inflatable frogs, or you win a $200 million celebrity divorce case after only your first trial in a courtroom, you are going to be very disappointed. You need to build a reputation, you need to build a following and you need to develop your skills. All of that takes time and quite a lot of it. In most cases, it will take you years. But that time will reward you. It will help you to be the best at what you do and it will help you to achieve the success you most desire.

If you do apply these four elements, and you are willing to be patient, take enough action consistently over a period of time you will be moving in the right direction. Add in a large helping of hard work and a little skill You will, over time, get better and better and the rewards will come in steadily.

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